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6 Important Things To Know Before Taking A Mississippi River Cruise

6 Important Things To Know Before Taking A Mississippi River Cruise

6 important things to know before taking a Mississippi river cruise

One of the most iconic rivers in the country, Mississippi, is best known for its adventurous and truly mesmerizing cruises. The river that meanders from the north of Minnesota grows wider, browner, and more exciting as it reaches New Orleans. Along the way, the river passes through several breathtaking views, amazing architecture, and intriguing cultures. Mississippi river cruises give travelers a fun and enticing experience to enjoy the onboard stately luxuries while exploring the vibrant cities on the itineraries.

Mississippi river cruises help you experience life on the western frontiers and a refreshed view of history by taking you through nearly ten fascinating states in about 22 days. The cruises and the itineraries are designed such that you experience the best of nature through the comforts of your luxurious private balconies. Close-up views of beaver camps, blue herons, and eagle nests are only one of the many exciting things that you would experience.

Here are the things that you may find useful before booking your first ever river cruise.

How are Mississippi river cruises different from other cruises?

  • Mississippi river cruises are port intensive and help you truly immerse yourself in the culture of the locations you visit.
  • When you are onboard, you get to have downtime and the leisure to relax and see the world go by.
  • Meals are the most significant part of the day.
  • Unlike in ocean cruising, Mississippi river cruises have less extravagant options for evening entertainment.
  • Instead of high octave song and dance performances, river cruises are more about local musical acts or theatre performances by small-time singers.

What are the things you must know about Mississippi river cruises?

  • If you are taking Mississippi river cruises, it is important that you know you would be sailing against the current that would slow the boat.
  • Slower the boat, fewer ports are covered. This would generally mean that passengers would get lesser time in port but more time to relax onboard. Therefore, it is important that you book Mississippi river cruises only if you want to unwind and immerse in sheer leisure.
  • Many websites offer current savings and complementary services before the cruise. Ensure you check the rates in detail and look for additional perks like hotel stay and transportation to the ship.

Which are the popular Mississippi river cruises?

  • New Orleans to New Orleans is an eight-day round trip in a paddlewheel cruise.
  • Lower Mississippi river cruise is more than a week-long cruise starting from New Orleans to Memphis.
  • Upper Mississippi river cruises take about eight days to sail along St. Louis to St. Paul.
  • A twenty-two day long entire Mississippi river cruise from New Orleans to St. Paul is one of the most popular Mississippi river cruises.

When is the best time to take Mississippi river cruises?

  • Lower Mississippi river cruises enjoy the longest season that runs from November to December and April to mid- June.
  • Upper Mississippi has river cruises only after July.

Which are the most significant Mississippi river ports?

  • New Orleans, Louisiana is known across the world for its Mardi Gras celebration, Southern cooking, best jazz music, and more.
  • Vicksburg, Mississippi has some of the best Southern heritage sites that would give a fresh perspective of the history.
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana is another intriguing port that gives a glimpse of the African-American and Caribbean culture, 19 th -century plantation, and Cajun and Creole cuisines.

What are the things to remember before taking the cruise?

  • While major cities are cornerstones of most itineraries, several cruises would have itineraries focused on small cities and towns that come along the way.
  • If you are prone to getting seasick, river cruises are a better bet as they traverse through calmer waters.
  • Since Mississippi river cruises pass along many small ports, the sailing time may let you listen to the commentary or public address about the many sights that you would pass. So it is important that you brace yourself up for some trivia along the way.
  • Since there is no control over mother nature, it is important that you prepare yourself for unexpected weather, itinerary alterations, and the like.