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Essential Tips For Functional And Elegant Kitchen Cabinets

Essential Tips For Functional And Elegant Kitchen Cabinets

Essential tips for functional and elegant kitchen cabinets

Having functional and good-looking kitchen cabinets are essential since these define how well your kitchen is designed. You need to pay attention to the kind of material you use since your kitchen is a place that would be filled with occasional smoke, spills, and condensation. Another factor to consider would be the general appearance of your kitchen cabinets, which should be in tune with the rest of your house.

Whether you want to refurbish your existing kitchen cabinets or are looking for kitchen cabinets for your new house, here are few pointers that would help you out.

What are the different types of kitchen cabinets that are available?

  • Budget Kitchen Cabinets – These types of cabinets for kitchens start at $70 per foot. These are the least expensive types of kitchen cabinets which are off-the-shelf and are also called as stock. Mostly made of veneered particleboard, these are available in limited sizes and options.
  • Mid-Level Kitchen Cabinets – With a cost of around $150 per foot, mid-level kitchen cabinets are available in made-to-order varieties in different sizes, finish, materials and different accessories depending on your requirement. These type of kitchen cabinets can be made of veneered particleboard and plywood.
  • Premium Kitchen Cabinets – These types of kitchen cabinets are priced at around $500 per foot. These are mostly semi-custom models that are available in a lot of storage and style options. These are often made of premium hardware and materials such as plywood.

What kind of materials are used to make kitchen cabinets?

  • Most of the time, plywood is often coated with veneers of hardwood to make kitchen cabinets look good at low cost.
  • High-end and premium kitchen cabinets are mostly made of wood.
  • One of the least expensive types of wood used is red oak. It is mostly used in traditional style designs.
  • The most common hardwood used in custom kitchen cabinets is white oak. With its golden tones and subtle grainy surface, it looks elegant as well as offers durability along with good strength.
  • Cherry wood is often used to combine traditional and contemporary designs. It is sturdy and has a look of elegance with its fine grainy surface and reddish tones that become darker with age.

What are popular trends in kitchen cabinets?

  • Dark Finishes – This includes tones and hues of espresso and chocolate in wood or veneered plywood. It is a very versatile style that can be used for contemporary as well as traditional designs.
  • Classic Cherry – Using classic cherry wood kitchen cabinets along with cherry-toned floors and granite cabinet tops.
  • Specialty storage – Incorporating special racks for spices and utensil dividers never go out of style. These specialty storage kitchen cabinets not only make kitchens tasks easier but also quite organized.

What are signs that indicate it is time to change your kitchen cabinets?

  • If your kitchen cabinet is made of wood, there could be damage due to water that has to lead the wood to wrap, blacken or change colors.
  • The exterior surfaces have started to lose their lamination.
  • Molds have developed in the cabinets.
  • The inside walls of the cabinet start to feel soft.

Where can you find popular deals on kitchen cabinets?

  • In Stock Kitchens
  • Kitchen Cabinet Depot
  • Wholesale Cabinets
  • Kitchen Cabinet Kings
  • The RTA Store
  • Carolina Cabinet Warehouse

Are there any affordable ways to remodel kitchen cabinets?

  • You can paint or stain the wood surfaces of your kitchen cabinets to give them a new look.
  • If your kitchen cabinets do not look worn out, you can remodel the cabinets with new and funky knobs and hinges to give a fresh look to your kitchen.
  • Reface the cabinets by applying a light layer laminate veneer or wood over old cabinet surfaces.
  • Buy cheap cabinets from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore that stock used kitchen cabinets.
  • Many furniture stores and cabinet makers’ shops often have clearance sales that offer great discounts in kitchen cabinets.