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Healthy diet to control the cholesterol levels

Healthy diet to control the cholesterol levels

Maintaining a low cholesterol diet can be a challenge, especially if it means cutting down on your favorite food. However, if you have set your mind to nourish a healthy heart, there are many alternatives, which can delight your taste buds and cut down the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in your body. And remember, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to switch over to a low-cholesterol diet.

Planning and maintaining a healthy diet will eliminate the need for extreme measures or visits to the doctor.

Control portion size
Overeating can cause an increase in your cholesterol level. It’s all about the proportion. Also, a lot of people each more to finish off their leftover food or whatever extra lying on the table. Not wasting food is a good idea; however, in such cases, one should distribute it to the needy. Once you learn when to stop eating, you can be assured of good heart health as well.

Limit your intake of saturated fats
Although there is no conclusive proof that intake of saturated fats can lead to heart disease, they do push up the level of bad cholesterol. On the flip side, they also contribute to the good cholesterol and cut down the level of triglycerides. The bottom line here is to reduce the intake of saturated fats including meat, milk, and cheese. You can replace them with low-fat alternatives or stick to minimum weekly intake in case of meats.

Get rid of trans fat
Your body can certainly do without trans fat in any form. They clog the arteries, push up the levels of triglycerides and can add to your weight. Trans fats including hydrogenated oils, processed food, bakery products, chips and other similar snacks, and carbonated drinks might be good to taste but not for health.

Include fresh fruits
Any healthy diet plan should include at least five servings of fruit per day. Whole fruits are much more nutritious than fruit juices. You can eat them as such or mix up a salad of three or more. Save this healthy snack for your mid-morning hunger pang.

Add soluble fiber to your diet
Fiber can help you to cut down the bad cholesterol in your body. Our body cannot digest these fibers but as they care eliminated from the body they carry toxic wastes along with them. You can include fiber in the form of oats, brown bread, brown rice, barley and whole fruits. Beans and lentils are also a good soluble fiber and are good for the heart.

Include seafood in your diet
Omega-3 fatty acids found in sardines, herrings, and Salmons can bring down the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood.

Replace red meat with healthier alternatives
Protein is essential for our bodies, animal protein, especially red meat can cause more harm than good. You should look for alternatives like skinless chicken and fish.

Drink plenty of water
Water is functioning of the various organs in our body. It aids digestion, boosts our metabolism and helps in functioning of the heart.

Adopt healthy snacks
Nuts are excellent for your overall health. They fill you up while lowering your cholesterol. So, make sure to include a handful of nuts in your diet like walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts are all good for your heart.

Cut down on salt and sugars
Cutting down on these white foods promote a healthy body. Lowering the level of salt controls your blood pressure and controlling sugar intake guards you against Type-2 diabetes.