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The Best Washer Dryers Of 2018 And Where To Buy Them

The Best Washer Dryers Of 2018 And Where To Buy Them

The best washer dryers of 2018 and where to buy them

Buying a washer dryer can be troublesome as this product has always received mixed reviews from users as well as retailers. Some are in favor of the combination, while others prefer stand-alone washers and dryers. However, the washer dryer combo has been on the market for a long time and has been doing quite well. Many brands manufacture this home appliance, negating any doubt about its efficiency.

Following are some questions and answers about the best washer dryers.

Which are the best-rated washer dryers of 2018?

  • Samsung WF45M5500AP Washer and DVE45M5500P Dryer: An amazing set of washer and dryer that undertakes all the actions at the push of a single button. Both the washer and dryer have front loading doors. It also has a steam wash technology, which is released from the bottom to ensure it reaches every piece of clothing in the load.
  • Bosch 800 Series Front Load Compact : It has a stackable design and is made by Bosch, which is one of the leading brands for home appliances. The washer has 15 cycle options to choose from and an EcoSilence motor. It also takes up very little space as it is only 6.2 cubic feet combined.
  • GE® 5.0 cu. ft. Washer and 7.4 cu. ft. Smart Dryer : This smart washer dryer designed with the latest technology, is an ideal home appliance and one of the best products in this category. It can easily wash comforters and huge loads of towels because it comes with an impeller. It also packs an auto dispenser for detergent and fabric softener.

Where can one buy the best washer dryers?

  • Home Depot : This home improvement store has one of the biggest collections of the best washer dryer bundles in the market. A major perk is the in-store availability of many models, which allows you to get a look and feel of them.
  • Sears : Sears is not as popular as it used to be but it still stocks some of the best washer dryers. Sears is an ideal option if you are looking to purchase one of the best washer dryers and are running on a tight budget.
  • Amazon : There is a high chance that if you’re looking for a model or brand that wasn’t available at home improvement stores, it will be available at Amazon. Amazon does not have retail stores which means that they can stock a wider variety of products in their warehouses.

How to get discounts on the best washer dryers?

  • Sale : Most stores that deal in appliances have sales for various reasons around the year. Some of the best discounts are available during sales on Memorial Day, Black Friday, and Labor Day. This is one way of getting discounts on the best washer dryers.
  • Discount coupons : If you are planning to buy washer and dryers from a particular brand, it will be easier for you to get your hands on discount coupons. Previous purchases, new memberships, or select bank cards can get you discount coupons for purchasing home appliances.
  • Combined purchase : If you visit a home improvement store or a department store, there is a high chance that you will get a discount on combined purchases. Buying a refrigerator and a washer dryer can increase your chances of getting a discount as compared to buying just a washer dryer.

Which are the best washer dryer bundles under $500?

  • Kenmore 2620232K Washer and 60222 Dryer : One of the cheapest washer dryers in the market, this combination packs an electric dryer with a moisture sensor. It is priced at only $299 which is considerably cheaper than most other products on the market.
  • Amana® NTW4516FW Washer & NED4655EW Dryer : It is very similar, in terms of functionality, to the Kenmore washer and dryer as they are both manufactured by Whirlpool. Amana washer dryer packs good features, is available at major stores, and starts at $399 making it a good choice for budget buyers.